Dave was filming-oblivious that his buddy was missing
Always check your tourch before the dive
Meets at:

Sherborne St John Club

609 Basingstoke Subaqua

Dive the wreck , wreck the dive

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15 of us had a guided tour of the college on Saturday 28th February followed by lunch overlooking Poole harbour.

The tour lasted 90 minutes  and included classrooms library a four metre deep training pool which can simulate stormy seas up to hurricane force accompanied by rain and lighting. Talk about really throwing you in from the deep end!  Even if you are not on a tour there is a public gallery outside the college giving viewing to training that may be going on in the pool 

We also had a go on the lifeboat simulator where 4 us became the crew and the rest came along for the ride all of us compensating for the movement of the boat although safe on dry land.

There was also the engineering dept where the students strip and rebuild engines used in their service. The lifeboats have an engineer on board with every shout as well as coxswain helmsman and navigator.

The college has 60 double bedrooms available to the general public on a B&B basis.   If you were not able to join us the college has a public open day on the 2nd of August